i'll think of something to put here later maybe.

Night terror

i took a look at the world around,
what i saw i didn't like,
so, i locked myself away,
i don't like what i saw that made me feel down,

so i took my imagination with me, to my bed,
i locked the door, and scatered my things,
closed the curtains, and ran away to the safty of my mind,
cryed myself to sleep while i covered my head,

and in my mind, i had seen that it had been tainted.
with in my mind, things were red,
things were black, it covered things like a swath mark,
my skin was purple and blue, with pain i was painted,

in my mind im made to eat my own imperfections,
by creatures with worse then i,
faceless beings, and crazy dolls, chained here by my veins,
and monsters designed by evil infections,

in my mind i cryed, for my tongue had alreddy been taken away,
my room, distorted in visions of madness,
weather designed by them, or my own macanics,
i want to wake, wake i merely bark, as i continue to lay,

froced to swallow my hair, till i cough up better things,
yelling to me, to work, and fix this place, to make it better,
with my back skin violated, and my tears my salty medication,
flecks of skin, my bondged hands, sown together in rings,

i fall to broken elbow's and knees,
and with this, i feel the pain on the outter shell,
oh these monsters know how to frighten,
as they make my broken nose sneese,

the pain, the horror, the things i don't see reflect in my mirror,
the monsters, the veins, the blood, the objects,
the dolls, the rooms, the taunting,
the dreams, the nightmares, the terrible, horrirble night terrors.

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 705 times
Written on 2007-09-12 at 21:38

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