o king o king salvation brings

which king is he the one to salvage me 

would you hold my hand? 

just beg steal and borrow and call me on the phone because I am



As I know I am no longer breathing I am

No longer counting

Years and years it took to decipher your anger I am


Gone to the color of the circle of the word

Ive become the boy with the coin  I am

Reaching for the dress I am

Lips red as in the letter in mother that strikes and kills again  


 and again


and again 

Poetry by Lourdes
Read 587 times
Written on 2007-10-19 at 14:49

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English War Veteran aged 98
Why beg and steal borrow when you can use Skype?

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
The more I read this, the more I see interwoven in its mystery. I see the references to The Almighty (O Kind, O King, I Am, and Word). I see a crying out for new life, for love, for redemption. I see the death of spirit and the resurrection of the same. I see the pain of rejection and the longing for maternal love. And, in the boy with the coin and the reaching out for the dress, i see Hope, New Beginnings, and Possibilities.

Your poetry involves and incites deeper thought and reflection.

It's so good to read your work, dear daughters.

Love, Mother

Trying to show again and again who you are, but the message isn't coming through, is it? Ah! But it is! Very Good Work.

Thomas Selnes
Not just any girl.

Exquisite, in so many ways.

a deep deep poem lourdes and its so good to see you writing here again and the power that this text exudes is as if you never wemt away welcome back rgds mike