That house is a place of freedom. A place where you can do anything you want and anything can happen. And does. Because we are all blinded by the power and we make mistakes. In the face of complete freedom willpower dissolves and disapears. Caution is thrown to the winds and we go with our most basic instincts; to have fun and live life to the fullest. We think not of the consequences and repercussions of our actions. Why think of the future when you can live in the moment? Who knows when another opportunity will arise. But we can controll our surroundings; we make the opportunities. If we want something enough we will do all we can to be able to get it. With freedom comes a loss of innocence. I was a perfect kid before this all happened. I had never tasted freedom and I was curious. Now that I've tasted it I want more. But something's holding me back. My cautious side, my voice of reason. When I said I was curious I didnt mean I was brave.

Words by dre
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Written on 2007-11-02 at 00:30

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