Nightmares can be very powerful not only while we sleep but  can continue to haunt us in our waking hours as well.

Nightmare Town

in that dream there were three who died
two babes innocent and their mother who cried
and down beneath the layers of sleep
was the the mind of memories and thoughts
to keep hidden and buried like cold black bones
never a marker, never a stone
all that's left in the cold dark ground
are the echoes of crying silent sounds
tears flow from hollowed eyes
empty now but for maggots and flies
feasting upon the marrowed groans
of terror lingering inside those bones
for sleep will never bring relief
nor ease the suffering of eternal grief
it's in the dreams that death came home
and in the dreams that death will roam
haunting, chilling, terrorizing pain
creeping thoughts of going insane
captured forever and sinking down
down into the depths of ...
Nightmare Town

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-11-16 at 00:16

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Katherine you continuing pain for your families loss is so powerfully expressed in this very excellent poem this is again a poem worthy of an award well done and a kiss to help you from a hero xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxylk Michael cuddle up baby

Zoya Zaidi

Zoya Zaidi
Poignantly expressed Kathy darling!
I love the following lines:
"and down beneath the layers of sleep
was the the mind of memories and thoughts'
And these too:
"for sleep will never bring relief
nor ease the suffering of eternal grief"

May the departed Rest in Peace!

(((Big fond Hugs)))
Love, Zoya