Promises , you make easily , then brake just as easy
Just a word to you , woman just as the word sorry you
As easealy use , with no meaning , your fingers crost no
I do not dowte so your promises you made did not count
I gave , you took , with out so much as by my leave
Now do not call me , you'd only find you have made a mistake
Thinking your phoning some who cares , anymore is
Is THAT interested in you now or ever again
You , woman , showed over the years , compaction,
Caring , thourtfulnes , genarosaty , yes love is but a

Sine of weakness of a man in a man
I'll not hate you , I''ll not grant you THAT pleasure
I''ll now be an iceberg , freeze you out , not even
Globul worming will moute the ice now around ,my
hart fore you

To you I am a joke , a man the you redacue ,laugh
At with the men you prefer , bully's , users just like
You are , men such as I, thear to be used striped bear
Of ALL they have , materialistically , emoshanly striped,
Sucked dry

You now have what you deserve nothing in me
Now fore you, except contempt , disdain , dislike
You are but stains upon my hart , mind , spirit.

Adue , adue , may we meet not again , if we should
I'll walk on by , as if you did not exist , fore me you
Do not for me anymore!.

Ken D Williams ( THE DYSLEXIC POET )


Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 328 times
Written on 2007-11-23 at 14:35

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