a peom about feeling your age

a winters day

A winters day and the children play
Inside where its warm i will stay
The wind is cold
The kids so bold
I think i must be just to damn old
i stand in the window
wonder what to do
this cold weather goes through and through
The heatings on and here i shall stay
keeping warm from dusk till damn
a snow might fall
a snowman will be built
and i am here riddled with guilt
shall i wonder out or wonder in
or am i cold because i am thin
the kids shut to me to come and see
the fun they are having with cold cold feet
i look at them and tell em so
the cold weather is bad for my soul
a misery is how they see me
but they are young and having fun
i am old and oh so cold
the days go by and nothing has changed
its still to cold for us who are old
the kids still play out in the street
they run in the house with those damn feet
i wish i could play out with them
hide in the fields and built a den
maybe in spring i will have a spring in my
maybe then i'll feel young again
but here and now warm i shall be
sat by the fire with slippers on my

Poetry by xenopod
Read 371 times
Written on 2007-12-06 at 02:25

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