First few lines rolled out while talking to myself on the bus

next few were hidden on a blog

The rest needed an early morning hr 



Had my share of heartsink
Don't really care what you think
When I said 'I hate you'
I meant I don't want to love you

The feel of silk on my skin
The first raindrop I drink
The warmth of your hand in mine
Are things that stay on my mind

What would you say to sorry?
Not that I have to worry
When we graduate in black gowns
Would we still be stuck in our frowns?

Years later when you forget
When I am way past regret
If you see me at a bar
Would you throw silence afar?

I would want another chance
To wish away that drunk trance
Would you sit by me and get a drink
Or would you need to double think?

Had my share of heart sink
Don't really care what you think. 

Poetry by Puddled
Read 627 times
Written on 2008-03-25 at 00:46

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