I am sorry if this is a poem that offend someone.

Please, no!

Looking at the sky,
wishing he will be done.
Begging and hoping,
please let it be over soon.

Feeling his hand,
over my body.
Hearing his breath,
it is touching my skin.

Tears I hold inside,
do not let him see.
Screams I swallow,
what would he do.

Feeling his happy,
it makes me feel bad.
Hearing his word,
he is telling me.

"You are the one"
"You make me crazy"
"God you are good"
"Come here my girl"

Feeling dirty,
what am I?
Please let me tell you,
what he has done.

This pain I cannot hold by myself.
He touched me, he kissed me,
he used me. He was horny.
He is a dad, he is old.

Why did he do that to me?
He said that he cared for me,
how could he if he did this
to me..?

He killed me when he touched me...

Poetry by Sandra Sicilie Hansen
Read 669 times
Written on 2006-01-09 at 13:14

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My heart goes out to you, please know none of that was your fault. There are sick, sick people in this world. Hopefully you can overcome the sadness that was done to you.

This poem is perfect...I'm so sorry this had to happen to you....I don't see how this could offend anyone, it's not your fault, I hope you know. It will never be your fault. And if you need to express it in a poem, so be it! That's what this site is here for.

This was not that good. Incest is a really horrific thing, but still... To write as direct as you do about souch an issue is not the best of approaches. I am terribly sorry, but this was not worth my time.

Zoya Zaidi
this is the most horrible thing that can happen to some one, yet it is the reality of life faced by millions on this earth, ONLY IT IS NOT TALKED ABOUT, and that is the sadest part of it... Man can be the worst of beasts if he chooses to be a beast!!!!
incest is a subject that should be talked about... Condemed and punished!!!
Thanks for bringing this up Sicilie!
Thanks for the courage!!!
"He killed me when he touched me..."
This last line is so powerful!!!
xxx, Zoya

Celtic boy
this is the most open show of emotion I have ever read. My heart goes out to you.