it cannot be...

So Long (III)

So long you were there
So long I didn't notice you
So long might we be together

How could I not have known?
How can this be true?
How is this so complicated?

I didn't know this would happen
I didn't know I would fall for you
I didn't think that it would be this bad

But we were together
But in that moment we were so close
But in that moment I realized and you didn't...

So long will you never know
So long will it never matter
So long will we be separated

Poetry by Less Than I Ought
Read 372 times
Written on 2008-11-11 at 04:58

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you fall for people a little too hard.
you deserve an equal love, for once.
you might hate me for saying both of those things.

[i don't care. again, i love this form.]

so gooood! so saaddd!
and I like the style! :DD