About not seeing the obvious, hardships of life, and the eternal circle of learning. I don't know about the title, any suggestions? I feel it's a bit boring as it is.

Oh, the irony

And the much fabled "whateverend"
was split in two, ha!
My hopes were too high, of course
you never learn

I found myself back there
and I started over
The glorious moments
sang their return

I could see again, not blind anymore
though, will I know
before the next challenge?
Doubt in mind, proud I stand

Circles always close;

New beginnings, new ends
the serpent's tail
clenched between almighty jaws
once again (and again)

Poetry by J. E.
Read 630 times
Written on 2008-11-12 at 19:24

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Makes me see these tired emotion of something happening.. again.. where it all just, ends in.. well.. maybe it's real life.. and the downside of not being in a fairytale.. like it really feels.. just then.. at that moment.. those things we wish could have been a bit nicer.. then they are.. sort of.. suggestion on title.. the serpants tail? ..or.. almighty jaws..? that was a very strong sensing image.. being clenched over and over again..almost like, that feeling... when you realize things of one person.. and realize that some vision you've made up about this person, is so wrong.... ah! .. hurts a bit this text.. guess it should.

J. E.
I know Ouroboros, and of course, it's the key to the last stanza, simple as it is.