A Great Man.

Happy Birthday Your Royal Highness

Posted by - Norma.

Happy Birthday Your Royal Highness.

Elizabeth our Queen,
in nineteen forty eight,
gave birth to her son,
who I think is just great!

Prince Charles who has taken
much verbal abuse,
creates waves of dissent
when he speaks the Plain Truth.

A mystic, a farmer,
a painter and poet.
When it's sadly too late,
the whole world will know it.

He has many a claim
and pertinent idea,
though he's often ignored
and ridiculed I fear.

From wells of deep thought,
he quietly declares,
and pearls of real wisdom
with us he shares.

After years of many
undeserved accusations,
he deserves to be thanked
by all of our Nations.

He has steadfast courage,
conviction and vision,
and always stands firm
in the face of derision.

He's deserving of honour,
respect and applause,
but he'll always have
his critics of course.

G.M crops a disaster,
the rain-forests dying,
you've got to admit,
he'll never stop trying.

It gives me pure
and unbridled delight,
when I see once more,
the Prince of Wales is proved right.

This month was his birthday,
he's sixty years old!
I send him best wishes,
60 times and tenfold!

For our Charles and Camilla,
I wish only the best.
I know they'll succeed
when put to the test.

Good wishes I send
to our heir to the throne.
I hope Sir, you know,
that you don't stand alone.

With best wishes to my favourite Royal.

Poetry by normalil
Read 580 times
Written on 2008-11-21 at 21:27

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Stan Cooper
Hi NormaLil...
I must admit I don't know very much about Prince Charles,
but your delightful poem has convinced me that he's an
ok guy....so I join you in wishing him a happy day...

xxxx Stan