All the way down to hell

All the way down to hell
I was thinking of stories I will tell
to my old,beloved friends that I'll see
waiting patiently for me.

Counting sins down to hell
I heard a disturbing bell
which called me to apologise
for now I've faced bitter demise.

There's a lot of mourning down to hell
for I know what tears look like very well
I hear friends mourning for things they haven't done
for time has always been on the run.

All the way down to hell
I cried,dead flesh,by myself
for I've come to deathly realise
I have not lived nothing until I died.

Poetry by Eva
Read 448 times
Written on 2009-02-05 at 18:48

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I enjoyed this dive in poetic form. The say you have to hit bottom in order to really see the light of a new way. There is nowhere lower to go and its all up up up, out of hell. Keep writing, smiling at you, somewhere up there today, Tai

Zoya Zaidi
Dear Eva,
There is such a sadness about this poem,
and yet it is wonderfully, insightful,
like rising above the rest of the mundane and
seeing beyond life, and death!
I just love this one!