A passionate poem about a tryst, a date or something in between...

Rendezvous (Valentine)

We're going to meet, beloved Valentine!
Proclaim the words that glow upon my screen
A tryst, a date, or something in between!

Alone at last, my darling Sweetest Spring
And free to fly, to breach the atmosphere
With me, your mellow man, your Dearest Deer

I see your sultry eyes, so deep and dark
So full of love, and burning with desire
That pull me inwards, lift my passion higher

Caressing, stroking your electric skin
To feel the thousand shivers of delight
That urge me onward and push back the night

And when I kiss your soft and supple lips
Taste their ambrosia, sweet as any wine
I feel love's tremours, darling Valentine!

We're resting now, enjoying afterglow
And tingling with euphoria's release
Until next time, my perfect puzzle piece.

Poetry by TonyD
Read 578 times
Written on 2009-02-13 at 14:42

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A lovely pic, btw. Simple and eloquent!

"With me, your mellow man..." I just had to smile when I read these words, since "mellow passion" was the first impression that came to my mind when I started reading this poem!
Mellowness is a virtue :)