but it wasnt what i truly wanted.

I bought the world

I bought the world
but it was not enough for me
I bought a thousand clothes
but all I wanted was a little sympathy.
I wanted to buy a human heart
but they said
that it is too expensive for me.
All the beautiful mannequins in the shops
were smiling at me
I bought the world and held it onto my heart
but I did not feel a thing
Not even a bit of care, a bit of love
offered by my expensive diamond ring.
I wanted someone to finally believe in me
and the jewels were shining glaringly
How could I resist?
I bought the world and held it terribly tight
but nothing happened, I have waited all night.
My expensive world turned out to be a sharp knife.
I bought the world
to gain back some time
some time divine
some time to think back about you
about a face I used to know
but I made your mind blow
and you ran away
and I was lying lonely here
just me, and my diamond ring.
a necklace full of fake stones from around the world.
Me and my jewels, them never growing old.
I could not buy back sympathy, love or time
How could I think I could buy back my life?

Poetry by Eva
Read 388 times
Written on 2009-03-12 at 18:55

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