additional information; my dad, due to diabetes, has lost both of his legs. so today in the noon I saw that dream and woke up crying.

My home is nowhere

And there was a sea
a beautiful blue sea
and then it was me
swimming and singing and laughing and swinging
playing with the waves
going somewhere
but my home is nowhere.
and sweet music is playing in the background
it is summer, it is summer
and I am careless
I am free
I am in the sea
as lonely as I can be
I am reaching the shore
and there,I see
my dad
smiling sweetly at me
laughing and singing 'Angie'
songs of my past
songs of my eyes
always bring tears
I am rushing in his arms
And I break into tears
He says to me
words I can't recall
but I can remember
"the time hasn't come yet to cry"
Beautiful summer
beautiful imagery
beautiful innocence
in the cage of a hopeless dream.

Poetry by Eva
Read 470 times
Written on 2009-03-15 at 00:55

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