The city's Requiem

Two broken nights in a horror story
and a requiem in my ears
someone is crying
someone is dying
urbanized memories below grey steels
hear my requiem,dear night
I am crying
I am dying.

Like a stray cat with wet toes
strolling up and down without a purpose
the most depressing requiem like the eighth sin
sounding in my heart
as I am falling apart
Follow my steps, stalker
In your city I am a bleeding stranger.

A woman with her clothes all torn
and a bottle of rum held by a drunk
all the shattered images a dazzled puzzle
In my circle of life I always came and went
tonight keep your beautiful songs and your happy destination
I am singing a requiem about loss and elimination.

Someone is crying
Someone is dying...

Poetry by Eva
Read 452 times
Written on 2009-03-20 at 00:11

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