revealing bits...

Vicious and capricious

My Muse is smiling sweetly
but hiding her intention
She's leading me so viciously
I need to pay attention

Her eye is winking neatly
the poet's in her silk now
she's feeding me capriciously
I'm feeling like a milk cow:

In sweet caresses sweeping
my mind anew invented
sheís dancing while akeeping
her secrets well ascended

Her soul confesses never
to ever being simple
And though Iím getting clever
alluring is her dimple...

Preparing for the ramble
Iím strengthening my nerve
The poker face in gamble
may give me real verve

My Muse is so beguiling
seducing me to bits
My archiveís soon be filing
the oeuvre born from wits

The omnipotent stanza
will never be revealing
the busy working ants Ė ah!
conveying through the ceiling

the true poetic feeling

Poetry by Caprice
Read 352 times
Written on 2009-04-14 at 12:17

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Rob Graber
I love the concluding couplet--so often a good choice!

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
The Muse , may be a leading to temptations,
That may lead to no regrets ,
Danced with Morris,
The milk cow to the Hobby Horse .

Great write , enjoyed every much
Ken ( D Williams )