In memory of Michael Meddings, the lastromantic hero; the man who taught me what love is and gave it to me so abundantly. Reborn on May 15, 2008.

Beyond the Limits of Earth (for Michael)

In our life we lived in love
In our hearts we shared; it's true
In our bodies we yearned for togetherness
In our thoughts entwined, we grew

Beyond the limits of earth
Above the stars we flew
Kissing the feet of angels
We loved and loved anew

The spirit that enjoined us
Keeps us united as two
For nothing can break the bond
That holds me to you

Oh, death had its sting
And our bodies parted; I knew
But our spirits remain as one
As does our love remain, too

In our lives we live in love
In our hearts we share; I know
In our spirits we're born in togetherness
In our thoughts entwined, we grow...

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2009-05-15 at 02:02

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EmelÚn The PoetBay support member heart!
and I have him alive in you.
Its hard to comment this, because it made such an impact on me.
You are a poetess beyond this world. The skills and the heart together makes reading this _ cant find the word.
Love you mother. Miss him so much.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
A true work of art from a heart that truly loved and was truly loved. It was a transforming love. It brought life to a nearly dead spirit. It transformed you from a catapillar unable to make a cocoon to one with the confidence to move forward with God's plan and the miracle that would transform you into what God intended you to be. And it transformed Michael from a lonely romantic dreamer into a fullfilled poet loved for who and what he was and it brought him into a new and very real relationship with God. Yours was a love based on mutual respect, shared values, shared interests and a shared faith. Though you came from different lands, you complimented each other perfectly and appreciated all that had made you who you were. God gave you a taste of true love, never settle for anything less.

a very touching piece
it is such wonderful image to see how we grow from love

Zoya Zaidi
Oh Kathy,
This is such a beauty of a poem- a true tribute to Mike and his love!
I can only sigh deep for some one so dear, who left us so suddenly!
((Hugs to you))

Zoya Zaidi
Oh Kathy,
This is such a beauty of a poem- a true tribute to Mike and his love!
I can only sigh deep for some one so dear, who left us so suddenly!
((Hugs to you))

May he always live in our memory!

Love is something you have expressed so well in these poetic lines. I had someone that is no longer part of my life, and I think we can both agree, love never dies. It will live on forever. Great work. It's been a long time since I've been on and it's great to be back amongst fellow poets.

A beautiful tribute to your beloved Michale. He was such a wonderful friend to us here. I am sad you two had to part in this way and in your poetry your love keeps living on ...


How wonderful to have experienced a love like that. Of course it will live on and on, spreading its bliss in the world.

melanie sue
Very nice tribute. My eyes teared up a bit when I read it. I really like that last line. It says a lot when you say "grow" instead of "grew" .....I like that.

A beautiful tribute to a very sweet and dearly missed man of your ethereal dreams Kathy. Michael was a star, I miss him too, as I am sure so many other do, but not as much as you.

I am so sorry that you were parted and I think, your poem, shows just how close he still is.

With a tear and a sigh from

his friend and yours

Tai x may god rest his romantic soul and his muse forever roll out on this poetry site he cherished without any doubt. x