24-04-2009, Midnight

I'm sorry I am a poet

I'm losing the love because I wasnít trying much and also I live with hope. I was in deep depression my emotions are hard. Now time has passed and things have become messy, I cannot re-correct now she ask me to stop writing. But I am a poet very hard to stop writing. I never imagine in my life that I have to cross this point. This moment is gigantic, if someone loves somebody truly and unconditionally. How can stop thinks about someone. We cannot forget some incident until we die. Even we dies memories live until times end did not have a any dirt on her just I put my emotion on a paper decide strongly. I have to write, but not let her know and thatís all I can do. I believe in myself I believe in my quality.
Wish heaven and my star give my best friend back and hope she know that I love her truly and not expecting any dirty affair...

I'm sorry I am a poet

Iím sorry of being so expressive
Iím sorry of being so domineering
Iím sorry that I cry for you
Iím sorry because I wait for you long
Iím sorry canít live without you
Iím sorry for the tears you shed
Iím sorry for the damage I made
Iím sorry Iíve made you sick
Iím sorry I hurt you so deep
Iím sorry for giving you sleepless nights
Iím sorry for each and every clash
Iím sorry for your pain & distress
Iím sorry for the missing harmony
Iím sorry for my selfish love
Iím sorry for not caring enough
Iím sorry for my restlessness
Iím sorry for the losing dignity
Iím sorry my friend I made you mad
Iím sorry beloved you are so sad
Iím Sorry for not giving you any happiness
Iím sorry because itís my disgrace
Iím sorry for thinking of you so very much
Iím sorry I always miss your in time
Iím sorry of being so mad about you
Iím sorry for my every blue
Iím sorry of being so young
Iím sorry now that canít be cured
Iím sorry of being myself
Iím sorry that Iíve failed
Iím sorry and sorry again
of being insane
I'm sorry for hurting you
I'm sorry for making you cry
I'm sorry I didnít realise why
I'm sorry for not understanding you new rights
I'm sorry for forget your new life
I'm sorry for all those happenings
I'm sorry for not listening
I'm sorry for not trying
I'm sorry my failed
I'm sorry I didnít correct
I'm sorry for not caring
I'm sorry for not make you happy
I'm sorry for every things
I'm sorry for who really I am
I'm sorry I let somebody get closer too you
I'm sorry for fading away
I'm sorry I didnít chase you
I'm sorry you swayed away
I'm sorry it was too late
I'm sorry I tried again
I'm sorry i cried all night
I'm sorry I never found you
I'm sorry your hearts lost
I'm sorry I couldnít cure it
I'm sorry I love you true
I'm sorry I miss you so
I'm sorry if itís too late
I'm sorry if I hurt you first
I'm sorry for every things I done
I'm sorry for all the things that i just flew by
I'm sorry for being so mad
I'm sorry for being so down
I'm sorry for not understanding
I'm sorry for missing countless nights
I'm sorry for missing you out the puzzle
I'm sorry for underestimating you
I'm sorry i let you fall that time
I'm sorry for my swaying emotions
I'm sorry for losing your heart
I'm sorry I wish things where ok
I'm sorry for being a idiot
I'm sorry but things where meant too be
I'm sorry for meet you in this soul
I'm sorry for call you as a love
I'm sorry for fall love with you
I'm sorry for see you in dream
I'm sorry for see you as a angel
I'm sorry for follow you in this galaxy
I'm sorry for my unending love
I'm sorry for let you know that
I'm sorry for not listening
I'm sorry for not give-up
I'm sorry I really am
I'm sorry I didnít aging I chase you
I'm sorry if I never write you
I'm sorry if I never see you

I'm sorry I wonít give up
My writing and my Love

I am a poet
Just trust me

O.W.Palitha Ariyarathna
Copyright,O.W. Palitha Ariyarathna . 2009
All Rights Reserved By Author: 2009

Poetry by Palitha Ariyarathna
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Written on 2009-04-24 at 21:18

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