too funny not to share... a dream interpreter would have lots to say, no doubt... ;-)

Early morning dream

In armchair so comfy I sat thinking ’deep’
was watching the telly... then falling asleep:
In dreams I was certain I needed a shower
So, quickly I stripped, went outdoors like a flower...
Was hurrying now to the bus stop at once
with mind set on washing myself, not on puns
Though people were staring I sure didn’t care
was yearning to get to the shower – somewhere...
But halfway to bus stop I then realized
I neither had towel nor soap – very wise…
I stayed ’cause I wasn’t too keen running home
I thought they’d be laughing and giving me eyes
If I'd been awake I'd be longing for foam...
and watching me run must have been quite a spice
I clutched in my left hand a tiny white tissue
I placed it away from the water – some issue…
The water was chilling or else very hot
I sighed there and silently stopped on the spot…
Some children were staring at some funny fool
Conception of bus stop as shower – that’s cool!
Awake in my armchair and freezing like hell
The telly was easing advertisements, well
I found the control and then gave it a blast
And t’is how it all ended, sighing ’at last!’

Poetry by Caprice
Read 515 times
Written on 2009-04-26 at 19:18

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Take care, don´t forget the soap and towel next time!

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Interesting dream , well remembered, well written and expresst .l I enjoyed very much.

Ken (D Williams )