In life you might meet across with such people................................

No time

You have no time for me
I have no time for you
Iím no more bothered, canít you see

You come or go
Itís up to you
I have nothing to say
Itís just ok

You are mad
Iím thousand times sad
Whenever you throw a party
Iím sick like everyday

You still demand a reason
Why is that boy?
Do you know I have got no more explanation
Look back and you will know

From the time being
I have only one logical reason

ĎíSickness doesnít inform
Sickness just comeíí

If you are a brave man
You will understand.

Copyright ©2009 ZAINAB

Poetry by zaipoems
Read 455 times
Written on 2009-05-09 at 13:10

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