Okay, so this is a story that I wrote over the summer. I really wanted to get the idea down, so its not really that full and fluffified with all the loveley little details, but maybe I'll re-write it if you all love it... please don't be too picky plea

Witch of Two Souls/Split Heart

There once was a boy who lived in a small village, during a time of war between the kingdom he served under and another. His village was raided by a witch and her bandit followers, his parents killed, and his right palm had been cursed.

The next morning, after the battle, his girlfriend came to see him, told him his mother had died, which he hadn't known until then, so he grew very angry at the witch, which caused a black, dead spot to come onto his hand. In his rage, he shattered the breakfast dishes, and could bareley stop himself as he began to rush at his girlfriend. She ran away to find the village elder.

He sat down for a moment, looked at his hand, and seen what he was about to do. He had always had a little bit of temper, but he had never struck out as such. His hate for the witch grew at the thought that he had almost hurt his girlfriend, as did the patch of dead on his hand. It reached the end of his wrist now, and as it grew it was excrushiatingly painful, but that didn't stop him from raging about in his house. As he raged, his hate for the witch grew, and the cursed dead spot grew ever quicker with it.

Soon, his gilfriend returned, tears down her face, with the village elder. He got knocked out of his rage when he heard the door squeek open, so he collapsed onto the floor.

The elder took a look at his arm, and told him if the curse reached his heart, he would die. The elder looked at the damage accross the house, and told him he was a danger to the village when he got angry now, but killing the witch would probably lift the curse. The elder left after saying this, leaving his teary girlfriend with him.

He said he was going to have to leave, to kill the witch, and that there was no longer anything there in the village for him, so he may never return. At that she got very angry, and tears poured freshly from her eyes as she asked wether she meant anything to him, if their love meant anything. He said he must go, and avenge his parents, and lift the curse. She plead for him not to go, and said a curse that prevented him from hating was not so bad, as the world would be perfect if no one hated anything, and at this he gased upon the wrecked house, and without a word left that place, but before leaving the village, he stumbled upon the elder.

He asked him how he could seek the witch, and that he would go and kill it, to avenge those who had died to protect the village. The elder told him how the witch had divided her soul in two, and banished it from her body, so she could be unclouded by emotion as she raged about the kingdoms.

He also gave him an amulet, so he could track the three parts of the witch, and said that if he destroyed the two halves of her soul, that she should be mutch weaker than if he attacked her head on. The elder also said that the soul was divided right in two, half love, and half hate, and said that he should go after love first, so he did.

He left the village soon after that, just after he had gotten enough supplies for the journey. No one really wanted to see him go, but they were in a way relieved that he could cause no damage to anything anymore, as his curse would have made him terribly irksome to the village.

He stared at no one as he left, but just at the end of the road, he saw his crying girlfriend, and his rage bubbled up at her, the pain soared through his arm, and he struck her to the side before he could get control of himself again. Before he had been walking out of the village, after he struck her, he ran.

It was quite a journey to find the soul part love, but once he had found it, it was easy to get to. It was hiding in a cave, with no sort of protection.

He asked it wether it was part of the witch's soul, and it said yes, and that it would gladly die to weaken the awful thing that the witch had become, and said that the witch had always thought of her as being too weak for her loss to be anything accross the witch's power, so had given no gaurds, as she had for the hate half.

The love soul part took the form of a young girl, quite beautiful, that gave off the slightest pink glow. She said that she would journey with him, and help him kill the hate soul part, and then help him find the witch's body, then gladly let him kill her. He agreed to this, though he dbouted in his mind, he could ever strike somthing so beautiful. At that he thought of his old girlfriend, and the rage boiled within him, and the spot of dead flesh now went half way to his elbow.

Then he set out with Love, to find Hate, and the journey was much more difficult, as the witch thought that Hate gave her much more power. Along the way, many people gave him cause to hate, and by the time he had reached the hiding spot of Hate, the curse was half way to his shoulder. It hurt him to move his arm, but it was not difficult to do so, so he did not stop himself, but the pain gave a slow brewing hate fourm, a hate for the witch, that caused the curse to grow, ever so slightly, so it was bareley noticable looking day to day.

Hate hid in a very large cave, that went through an entire mountian, with many kinds of minions at her disposal. Wicked hellhounds, skeletons, ogres, kobolds, a dragon, were some of the creatures that stood between her and the enterance. He fought through the minions with a lot of difficulty, but in the end made it through all of them, to find Hate sitting upon a throne of solid gold, perched upon a mountian of treasure.

Hate looked mutch like love, exept her features were more angled, her eyes quick and gave the impression that she could see even the slightest movement. She had a glow like Love's, exept her's was of faint, but deep blue.

The sight of hate drove him into a rage, and he faught her through it, the pain being his power and weakness. The battle was fairly long, and in the end he won, but the curse had spread accross his shoulder, and was halfway to the side of his neck.

He walked back through the crowds of beasts he had to kill, regretting every single thing he had to slay, as he now agreed with his fromer girlfriend, this was too great a price to pay, just to be able to hate. But he was too far ahead to quit now, so he saught after the witch's body.

It was not too far to find her, as the witch had sensed the loss of half her soul, and was going directly for him now, wanting to slay the man who had taken a third of her. He first layed eyes on her, accross a feild, and love ran into the blade of his drawn sword, striking herself down, knowing he would not be able to do it, as she had seen the look in his eyes as he gazed upon her, a look of love.

When Love had finally died, the witch, who had been running headlong at him, stumbled, and fell, obviously weakened by the other half of her soul being destroyed. She was slain after a shorter battle than the one with hate, but his curse grew more quickly, fighting her. It now rested just at the left side of his neck, right by the side of his heart. As he struk her down, her corpse disappeared, and revealed two small, waterey blobs, no larger than the core of a plum.

He sobbed, at the loss of Love, no longer clouded by his hate, and the curse slowly ebbed back, back to the small dot that had been put upon him by the touch of the witch, in the battle, so long ago. As his tears fell, one of the waterey blobs started to tremble and grow, into the form of Love, and as he continued to cry, she stood up and gave him a hand off his knees.

She said "As long as I was within your heart, I could never die. Just as you won't, as you are within mine, when Hate returns to power." He looked down at his feet, then embraced her, lying his chin on her shoulder. "I still have my curse, after all this. After all my work." He sobbed, his tears not having stopped after his curse had shrunk. Love smiled at this "Your curse is gone, there is no more hate within you. That is why we have finally been able to hold eachother, without you seeing me as part of the witch, my love." "But Hate will return?" "Yes, and you shall defeat her again, and again, we three will live forever, as the love between us will, but all shall be well. We will be together."


Short story by Andy
Read 514 times
Written on 2006-02-03 at 04:28

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This is excellent! It reminds me a little of the Miazaki move Princess Mononoke---have you seen it? I agree that more descriptive battle sequences would help to enhance the story. Other than that, great write!

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
I think you sould edit it to include battle discriptions with Hate's minions and tur it into a book.
It reminds me of the Terry Brooks books I read. If you tidy it up and add more detail
i'ld love to read it again.
[Also try a bit more spacing to break up the page - it makes it easier to read.)