La, la, laa, la, la laaaaaa : )

Happy Birthday Tai

Happy Birthday
to you Tai
Happy Birthday to you, oh my
Your that number which makes you stronger
With every wrinkle that it brings




Welcome to my world. : )))

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 518 times
Written on 2009-06-19 at 20:08

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OMG!lol I know I am usually late for most things Kathy, but this is so sweet of you and totally slack of moi, to have not noted it's presence on the board way before bow. I like to dismiss my birthdays these days, but this one was a particularly difficult one to forget. I did feel like I was carrying a granite milestone all day! but I am used to it now.

Thank you very much

Smiling at you

Tai x

And forgive me for misspelling your name, Kathy! My fingers are quicker than my brain today... ;-)

But don't forget the con-, please! ;-)

Tai, a Gemini? That figures...
Happy Birthday, dear! Cathy will convey my gratulations, won't you?
Also, Marilyn is singing this right now on the radio - must be some kind of sign... ;-)
Thanks Cathy, for this nice revealing of fact!

melanie sue
I already wished you a happy birthday but, ......
damn it, i WANT TO do it again

(and I'll keep mum on the age, lol)

Wow! Is Tai a midsummer girl? I didn't know that! Well, now I know :-)))
Happy birthday, Tai! Amnd, thank you, Kathy, for telling!