A work in progress. Tips appreciated.

In her shining eyes

Like sun through the morning mist
mysterious; yet strong, knowing
and calm, somehow triumphant
eternity dwell in those eyes

(a smile)

I would dive into them, if I could
yearning for embrace, in these meadows
of the earth; we could wander
forevermore, you and I


Give me your hand, walk with me
I beg you, because I long
but you are wild, and you are free

Meet my eye, lie down with me
I beg you, because I long
but you fly through storms with ease


She smiles, like the breaking dawn
full of life, she will never yield
I will watch the stars, in her shining eyes
with love, forever

Poetry by J. E.
Read 448 times
Written on 2009-10-07 at 23:42

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Sweetness it is..and.. the part of her being wild and free.. the free will.. and asking for the possibility.. love shines. very beautifully written lines. Poetry. With some distinct touch of something more.. some insight. And that's unusual.

Stine Mari Thomassen
how sweet!

Hard to improve on perfection JE! Every verse or poem, is beautifully conceived.

I will assume the progress is in your further knowledge of whoever 'she' is? I look forward to learning more about her myself.