Memories of a long ago family gathering where I knew no one. 10 years old.

Blue Peter

Is it Blue Peter or me
who is on the outside here.
Maybe we are the same.
He can't tough with the boys
and I can't run with the girls.
We are family
and we don't know anybody.
We are family.
He sits on the step
in his powder blue suit.
Black hair just perfect
and I stand at a distance and stare.
You're my cousin.
I don't know you,
and you live a long way way away.
But you're my cousin.
It must mean something.
This serious creature
who yet looks happy.
His eyes don't see around him,
and he dreams alone on the step.
Blue Peter,
you're my cousin.
It must mean something.

Poetry by nice curtains
Read 302 times
Written on 2009-10-08 at 13:58

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It must. How strange that feeling. I have siblings, cousins and relatives in all the continents (save the obvious), some I have never met. And yes there is a strange affinity in our unfamiliarity. Even so we are family. TFS.

Yes! This happens in families, especially big ones...there is something that bonds us, it's blood, but sometimes, it does seem to be the only thing. Family ties take practice, but when all is lost at sea, there is no friendly a face, than that of your family. The roots grow, but have to be watered with forgiveness and understanding...time helps, so does distance, sometimes.

Nice to read your experiences here

Smiling at you