I wrote this one expressing all I felt at the moment while I walked down the streets back home everyday from my school.


As I look down on the ground, I can see my footprints beyond but I donít know where my feet are going to lead me to and where they will step. Donít know if theyíll step forward to help the decrepitude, the beggared and the impecunious or are they going to turn out to be a criminal and kill the irreproachable creatures, underneath, which have their own life and dreams to fulfill.
Donít know if my mind that lies high above is going to make me do all the good that Iíve ever thought of doing from my yore or is it going to revive me of my past, my dark side, and make me do all the evil that Iíve ever seen, heard and done before.
Donít know if my eyes that has always been showing me this bright world and that have been leading me, are going to take me to a brighter future in the days before me or are they going to influence me to do the sinful that many people do and then lead me to a desert. Donít know if these eyes from where tears often roll down are going to inspire me to help the needy and stop tears from rolling down their eyes or are they going to do things to seek revenge, hurting people to forget the pain that it once felt and drop tears from theirs.
Donít know if my heart that has been beating for all the humans and for the indigent, the ill-fated and the poverty-stricken is still going to beat for them or is it going to give up after all the pain and distress that it cannot see but can feel.
Donít know if my hands that have been guiding me to do everything that I wanted and that Iíve been wanting to do will allow me to do and be all that I want to and I donít know if they will allow me to write until my last breath . Donít know if these hands will lead me to a new dawn or to a dark night.
Donít know how Iíve been leading this life in which nothing is sure. Sometimes we donít get to our goals for what we have worked so hard and we know, we will never get all that we want. One gets hurt when we try to give the benevolence of happiness to another. Either can we be with our beloved or with the destitute at one time. We can either live life for our happiness, enjoying and making the best of it or spend the entire of it for the ones who need us (the needy). People do give their entire life to help others but donít they want to live happily with their own .Yes, they do but life is about sacrifice too.
We can either go to express our love and condolence to someone who has lost someone very dear or we can go to show our love, affection and congratulate someone who has achieved something very big to them and to the world, at one single time. We can plan our own future but, no one can be sure of where our feet will lead us to, which step is going to lead us to what and which decision will be the best or the worst.
We donít know if all the hard work that we do and all that weíve done will pay off good or bad. And we donít know what to call it misdeed or misfortune. The happiness of some people (no matter how kind hearted we may think they are or how much ever close they may be to us) lies in seeing us happy and a smile on our face while happiness of some among all those, lies in seeing us cry with tears rolling down our eyes.
Donít know if we will pay for our own mistake or for otherís mistakes. Donít know which will be our last sunrise and when or where our eyes will close forever. We have often seen and heard of innocent people getting hurt and even dying, in accidents not because itís their fault but they have suffered. When anyoneís suffered a huge loss, tears are very often seen in the oculus of people. But who knows those tears are of happiness or are they really of sorrow and affliction.
Iíve got a goal to achieve in my life (I know) but I donít know how my life is going to be ,what it is going to be like nor do I know what I am going to utilize it for. Neither do we get a life full of happiness nor of sorrows. Life is this way as God has planned and it will go on like it is. None of us can be sure of whatís exactly heading towards us and neither can we defeat death. The only thing that I know is that, time will certainly pass by, with a smile on my lips and happiness filled within my heart or with tears filled in my eyes and a wound in my heart.

Words by Ashik Rajak
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Written on 2009-12-19 at 13:12

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an excellent and very thought provoking text. Well done!

With each footstep we take we kill that which would give us life. For that is the way of humans. Crushed underfoot unseen,life forms that have equal rights to their exsistance as we. or those hacked to death knowingly that our own path becomes easier. Those givers of life to us and yet we would so ruthlessly take theirs away. That is the way of this world dominated by ignorance. In time we will learn our mistakes. In time those mistakes will be the creation of our own demise.

Thanks again for posting this.

Ashik Rajak
I'd like to invite all the members of Poetbay to read this one.I've worked really hard for it.