Not a poem. Song Lyrics in case my house burns down, its written somewhere.

Never Enough

I can't sing about rain
I can't write about love
I won't talk about freedom
cause its never enough.
I won't let them have a god
I don't believe in dreamin
I hate the lies and the trippin
cause its never enough.

Nothing is enough
I'm getting that
so shoo fly don't bother me
Nothing is enough, please.

We know just how to cry
We find it all so easy
We use it up to feel better
but its never enough
No help on the way
No poetry
No words that will fix this
cause its never enough

I can get by
I will get by
this is not my fight
I can get by
I will get by
this is not my fight

Poetry by nice curtains
Read 267 times
Written on 2010-01-17 at 15:21

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Simply brilliant lyrics...and so damnnnnnnnnnnnned true.

We do what we have to do. I like the mantra at the end, every little helps. Your first verse sounds like a good method of child rearing to me

Smiling at you