someone tried to 'fix' me as i thought i was fixing him...

Everyday Conversations

The hostess sits us in his favorite section.
The waitress smiles like the joker,
fake as hell. But not even her grinding jaw
or smell bothers me. Funny thing is, I‘m almost confident
this will be a good day for us. Our waitress comes
out of the bathroom again, swallowing

the drip while commenting on everything the beer label already says.
And then he starts talking about his brother. He knows
what this will do to me, us. Please stop-
I can’t love a man without a conscience.
What is it about this day that inspires him
to roll around in his past. He’s sober…?

I could stay if we…the waitress sets down our drinks…
and…we’re off to the fucking races, picking words
from the black corners of his room.
His half-brother that used to have
a motorcycle-used to be a junky.
He’s been cut-off ten since but

the family still has plenty to hold onto.
Especially inside the nights the guilt escapes the basement,
and everyone has to look upon it, it is living,
still. He recalls the money and jewelry stolen
from his mother for drugs and destruction.
This solidity will be easier to hide. Now

I’ll make him flop like a dead fish, I’ll give breathe
to the breathless. “Your brother hates you.
Your father loves you. You are still your fathers favorite.
Do you Not remember telling me what your dad said
to your brother…about Not being his son…?
Of course Not. You told me after six shots of Tequila,

why would you remember.” Writhing coward.
I can see his brother sitting on the front steps,
watching Josh and his dad play catch…
Their mother, stepwise, beginning to set up
a bed and some sheets in the basement.

Lunch is over

Poetry by Christin Brennan
Read 504 times
Written on 2010-04-07 at 00:01

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brian paglia
First of all - thanks for your comment......possibly the best one I've received - ecspecially the criticism at the end. I may be the only one I know who truly does love being critiqued.

I haven't been able to figure you out yet through your poetry - and kudos to you because I'm usually pretty good at reading between the lines. I have a few theories and they're probably pretty close but I'll read more before I call you out.

I like this poem...I love how you take a very personal experience and add a universal feel to it.

It's funny cuz i was just at a restaurant the other day and my waitress was geekin' pretty bad and i too, had to try and participate with my table, while being aware of things around me that the average person never notices.

Anyway - great poem and i'll read more soon!