For a little girl who needs a chance to be happy

Little Girl Who Belongs To Nobody

She thinks she's a child that nobody wants
but has a smile like Christmas and blue eyes that haunt
Such a contradiction upon a pixie face
reflects her struggle to find her place
For shifting sands beneath her foundation
confuse and conflict her every relation
Uncertainty greets this child each day
who will she battle and in what way
Not five years has she been on earth
but an inheritance came with her birth
Father's disintrest, Mother's dispare
a pattern of haphazard love and care
Emotional warfare has shaped her will
into a self determination as hard as steel
Sometimes she"ll use sweetness or sometimes drama
portraying a waif in the midst of trauma
Order and assurance is what she craves
and the saftey of a love that accepts all her ways
She tries each person and home for a bit
to see if this might be a place she could fit
She may arrive coy and sweetly shy
or flit around joyfully like a butterfly
Though outwardly delightful and well adjusted
she always fears this can't be trusted
She hears the word "love" wherever she goes
she's kissed and she's hugged by family she knows
Sometimes mommy feels good and takes good care
but sometimes mommy can't go anywhere
Pains from the past call for her demise
a needle or pill help quiet those cries
And the little girl is left with her fears
will mommy wake up to dry her tears?
Sometimes the child must wait alone
for someone to come or call on the phone
She'll feed herself with bread and mayonnaise
and bring a blanket to where mommy lays
With comfort from a worn, plush dinosaur
she lays near her mommy on the floor
She sings songs her mommy would sing when she could
those nights when she felt love and mommy felt good
She prays to God like her grandmother taught
and wrestles with demons who poison her thoughts
No one will come. No one will check in
and you will never hear Mommy sing again
She yells and screams and pokes and shakes
until her nearly comatose mommy awakes
Then mommy makes calls to find someone
to care for her daughter, and somebody comes
Again she goes off to family or friend
to wait for her Mommy's illness to end
Where will she go? for how long and with who?
She hopes it is family and not someone new
Each place is different and she must play
the role that works best to get through each day
She does what she must to protect her own mind
act shy, be bold, be angry or be kind
Though many try to do what's right
for the mommy and daughter, its an exhausting fight
It takes its toll on all involved
and years will pass with no resolve
Finally in death, mommy's battle is won
and the little girl now belongs to no one
Though mommy wasn't able to always give care
the girl felt loved and that she belonged there
There are those who love her but have to wait
until strangers in a courtroom decide her fate
Her father whose life has been crime,
who hasn't spent a dollar or any quality time
May take away her chance for a new life
free from fear, uncertainty and strife
A family she knows took her into their hearts
and said this is when your true childhood starts.
They've invested themselves in a long term goal
that will give her back what depravity stole
And a chance to become what God intended she be
a bright star of hope with a heart that is free
We pray The Lord will make all things right
so she can pray with the family she belongs to each night


Poetry by Phyllis J. Rhodes
Read 466 times
Written on 2015-01-13 at 07:12

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night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
It is amazing how you managed to summarize the background story very well done! May the girl learn to live in the present until she is old enough to feel that the bad memories are being overpowered by the happy ones and she is able to take charge of her life with a supportive family by her side:) Welcome back to poetbay: )

Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
So sad. All the money in the world cannot make up for the love and care and attention of a parent. Good portrayal.