*a smidge of something,a smidge of nothing & something new*

When life does not Imitate Art?

*a smidge of something,a smidge of nothing & something new*

It’s not misanthropic I just detest to be in the world of unsatisfied human wills because they are driven by what they haven’t experienced yet but keep repeating and experiencing in their heads or (some others)they are driven by the aftertaste of a past memory, the fading echo*in their heads*&(as we all know, only one eyewitness is not enough because 1 eyewitness = alá carte reality).

So a past memory or what does not exist in their out of their  body reality That they desperately need n try to reenact in order to feel what they need to feel*satisfy their own sense of the Order of things=justice(really?)*

. . . and that is why I moved in the *world of ideas*Hi. It is actually like the worshiping of what does not exist, what guides your decisions. How? Well it’s easy, it is like the following examples: Atheists are defined by(who they are) by what does not exist in their reality(Huh?)Christians avoid to do devilish things meaning that what guides their steps is the following(a heard and unheard question but the 2 questions exist simultaneously ) before they (Christians) do something they ask themselves, is this something that God would want me to do(meaning what Satan wouldn’t want me to do?)and with that logic the Satanists would be the reversed example.

I don’t feel the need to create more expressive impressions of my thoughts. That’s it. But hey! I found a word that ‘never quite made it into any dictionaries’ didn’t made it into the established(by whom?) dictionaries. The word is ‘a disparaging fusion of a Greek prefix and a Latin suffix.’

Epipressionism - Close to or near art, but never quite completed for any variety of reasons.  Internet source: http://epipressionism.com/ <-In this website you can also find:

 ‘The Epistentialist Manifesto’  I really liked line number 6, perhaps a adequate description of what the insanity of sanity is? Eh, either way-> ‘6. Individuals are defined by what others think and believe regarding them’.‘ Or how about the last line? ->’12. If one can believe that he is irrational and everyone else is irrational, then he has everything to fear and no reason to feel anxious about being enslaved.’

*over and out* Check this video out -- Foo Fighters - Over & Out http://t.co/QJpThUj via @youtube

PS. "The difficulty is to try and teach the multitude that something can be true and untrue at the same time. ~ Schopenhauer "

*a smidge of something,a smidge of nothing & something new*


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Written on 2010-09-29 at 15:58

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The multitude knows what it knows by two things: instinct and experience. Neither can be taught. The difficulty comes when the sensibility of the multitude is mistaken for ignorance. But, maybe that's ok. Schopenhauer, that old dog, said, "woman is by nature meant to obey . . . " Maybe he meant to say "the multitude is meant to obey."

It seems epipressionism is a syllogism in that it is a conception of reality whose reality can never be realized. In the works, but never gets there. Or, maybe it's just laziness.

Human wills driven by memories of experiences they never experienced seems unlikely, but that is a Western Civ point of view. Who are we if not the sum of everything—past, present and future, and why wouldn't our memories be rich with memories of lives beyond our current incarnation?

When life does not imitate Art? Perhaps always. Perhaps life can never shed the stink of existence, while Art can happily ignore it.

Just (my) words, thoughts, bumping against yours. Thank you for this, for a few minutes departure from the mundane.