Am I A Tree?

If I go into a forest,
and fall down
with no one to see,
did I really fall down?

If I can be cut down,
with no one to defend
or sanctify me,
am I a tree?

I can blow in the wind.
I can scatter and rustle and howl.
I can droop in the heat.
My bark can get dry.

If I can be moved,
because I'm in the way
of progressive nonsense,
do I really have roots?

If its right and okay
that I'm burned,
discarded and splintered,
am I a tree?

Poetry by nice curtains
Read 272 times
Written on 2010-11-23 at 02:37

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I have no words really... except for; I love these words. Thank you.

I like it cos its so much more than the title question:)

That is both majestic and brilliant - it's significance is not lost even if many a tree has been laid to waste even in the name of progress and sustained tree farming.

John Ashleigh
A very nice poem, thankyou for sharing.

Isn't it sad, that we are all in too much of a hurry to go around a tree?
Thanks, Nick