To find excitement as a kid
Was easy in the things we did
Like climbing trees
And buying sweets
Of knock down ginger in the streets
On Christmas morn to wake and find
What Santa Clause had left behind
And as a teenager oh what bliss
The excitement of that very first kiss
In adulthood there were the days
When excitement came in many ways
The wedding eve - a first child’s birth
And many things beyond their worth
Packing for those trips abroad
Anticipation and excitement soared
Now the thrills in life are gone
There’s nothing left to spur me on
Exciting times are way behind
Thrills are solely in my mind
The only stimulation left for me
‘s excitement when it’s time for tea.

Poetry by Toonist
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Written on 2010-12-23 at 11:57

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Stan Cooper
What could be more exciting than tea time with Toonist

Your excited old buddy...

xxx The Bard Stan

John Ashleigh
Full of light-heartedness - and then polished off with a little hilarity. Brilliant. I applaud you.


Zoey Jane
Such rhythm, such rhyme
Certainly worth my time! :)

I am of an age that I relate to this sense of loss. Still, tea and memories are a kind of compensation.

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