Sakura Love

Where has our love gone?
Did it scatter like chaff on the wind?
Or does it hide among the broad leaves
Of Plantain-Lilies in the shade
Whence we might pluck it and play
Like children with a lost ball newly found?
Is it buried in ashes, a tiny coal
That with tinder and bellows we might
Ignite a blaze intense and forge an iron band to bind us?
Perhaps, like cherry blossoms in the Spring,
It was a bright, ephemeral display
Fluttering in precious fragments to carpet the earth
Like April snow melting in the sun
Disappearing as suddenly as it came;
Even in this, there is hope,
For cherry trees bear fruit
And if the gods agree,
The birds may leave us some;
If not, then with a cherry stone
Mayhaps we'll grow a tree.

Poetry by Nancy Sikora The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 397 times
Written on 2011-01-07 at 15:11

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one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
this is so romantic, beautifully romantic, beautifully written, so gentle with color and softness. sakura love. sikora love. again, the unseen hands of gods have your fate in their hands.

A classic theme beautifully told. I love the idea of love as something tangible that can be lost, sought, planted, grown, recovered. Wonderful images.

John Ashleigh
An inspiring write indeed.


Rob Graber
"Mayhaps indeed"! A wonderful write!

vladimir todor turmanev
I'm sure the Japanese cherry lossom has never been used more tenderly'

Simply incredibly beautiful, the ending perfect. The Cherry Blossom Festival lasts only three days and there is in its brief blossoming and then falling not just a metaphor but a sensibility and perspective that Westerners do not experience in the way that Japanese do; we have no equivalent cultural and spiritual epiphany, Christmas and Easter notwithstanding.