Its not you itís me

Its not you itís me
Really? thatís all yout gonna say after 10 years two children
You get to turn and walk away
While I wear the bruises of a story left untold
I have to spend my nights with no one there to hold
While you enjoy the benefits of our failed relationship
And you have the audacity to tell me not to trip
I donít understand how you could just say weíre through
No explanation, did I mean anything to you?
Kept saying you need time and I tried my leveled best
To meet you half way, to put your mind to rest
But itís getting clearer, clouds move after rain you know
Its gonna take some time but in not to long ima let this go
Its not you itís me
Really? Then shouldnít I be walking out?
Shouldnít you be begging me to stay?
What? cat got your tong today?
Its not you Its me
Maybe your right maybe I should hang my cloves
Maybe give up on a worthless fight
Cause thatís all we seem to do these days
Your moody im tired I scream and you shout
Go to bed angry; donít even know what weíre arguing about
Maybe its, you maybe your right
Maybe we meant what was said last night
Its not you its me
Yeah that could be true
I gave everything
And if it wasnít me it was you

Poetry by nature
Read 375 times
Written on 2011-03-25 at 07:20

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I'm trying to explore the two sided street of love again. I was in a relationship for 4 years and it wasn't going anywhere. It was him, and it was me. I wasn't loving myself fully because I put too much negative energy forth into trying to love him. All in all, this is what I reflect on when I read this piece. Thank you for sharing, nature.