An Artful Dodger

Art critics are a peculiar breed
Outside criticism is what they need
Us plebs know exactly what we like
And there's no need for snobbish hike
A well painted picture can be said
Is so much better than an unmade bed
It's really not true art to savor
A diamond skull or a cadaver
And a formaldehydic sheep I'd swop
For one hanging in a butchers shop
Give me Rubens or Van Meer
These are the painters I revere
Let me drool over a Constable
Of a pearl earring let me sing
Praising trash is not the thing
Leave the critics to their critiques
Paying millions for "art" freaks
After all it goes to show
They don't know their art from their -

Poetry by Toonist
Read 273 times
Written on 2011-05-18 at 12:37

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
I recall a long time ago the story of a shy atist , whos work was greeted by art '' eperts , as te greetes work since Paco , the artist requst too meet the world of the experts , tyhe one day the artists agent persuaded his client too agree to a one off metting with the artists asmirers , they all gatherd exsited one and all , the agent callde for quiet , as his clinet were redy , the door opend and out came a chimp , makeing chimps out of the art farts! A true story.
Ken D Williams

Stan Cooper
Who in their right mind would dare to critique the art genius of Van Gogh or Toonist? !!!!

from your greatest non-critiquing fan

xxx The Bard

A great critique. There is an old saying: those who can't, teach. To that I would add: and those who can't teach, become critics. I've never understood why anyone pays attention to someone who presumes to tell us what and why we should like or dislike a work of art. Art, whatever the genre, is organic and visceral and each of us relates to it or not in a uniquely personal way.