Beware of Hypnotists

A hypnotist of high repute
Gave a demonstration in our local hall
Some even came there to refute
In front of so many I recall
The evening show was going well
Five hundred folk were in his spell
Using a swinging watch to captivate
His next instruction would fascinate
But then suddenly disaster struck
Who'd have guessed such rotten luck
Crossing the stage our hero tripped
A terrible expletive left his lips
"Shit" I'm afraid to say was the case
- It took three days to clean the place

Poetry by Toonist
Read 272 times
Written on 2011-05-25 at 10:19

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Stan Cooper
Far be it to for me to tell you anything was "crappy" about
this poem...but I can say, it is very funny indeed

xxx The Bard Stan