Ill: Kkc


Never mind
my pathetic moves
to sparrow music
it is that day today
the nevermind day
my excuse day
for not coping
with anything
it seams
as the tailor
so wittingly would have put it

I am standing
in the bottom
of my deep wishing well
this drought
is a good thing
not a pleasant swim
when the cold water
start rising
to kick my feet around
bad for the acoustic
The standing up part
has always been
one of MY strengths

I know my voice can be heard
by some
passers by
in the back garden
but often I would want
my well to be
in a populated square somewhere
Somebody would maybe
rescue me

Not that I complain
it's just my
self pitying day today
my pathetic
self suffer day
Where I want to be like my friends
A normal life

One of those sulking days
in nevermind land

And hey!
Don't throw coins
Throw bills!

Poetry by PapaFahr The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2011-07-21 at 13:58

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