You are cruel
But you’ll never admit to that
I know you far better than you will ever
Have the comfort in knowing
You said you were hurt, afraid, shy
All things I developed distaste for
Rapidly when you backed further into yourself
You never said these things
Not until much too late
I had already caved into myself
As I tend to do
When I feel things sinking
You’d call it weakness
But you’d never call me

You started this chain of betrayals
Tactics used in times of war
You liked to build me up
Then change my mind
Your were good at that if nothing else
You left this long before you told
I knew you were broken
But I could have been good for you
If you had let me
We could have built one another up
But instead you tore me down

I was always honest with you
Never quite as blunt as you
But also never quite so full of lies
I held one hand on the door
Because I think I always knew
I’d need to use it
For my escape when you turned away

You told me that it hurt you when I spoke of him
I gave you the floor to keep my heart to yourself
You left it wide open
I’m not sorry I let someone in
Where you wouldn’t stay
You should really speak up next time
Or at all

Poetry by ashley honig
Read 356 times
Written on 2011-08-07 at 05:16

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