Society is hell bent on disciplining, restricting, and inhibiting our free flowing sexuality right from the start. Why people are so concerned with what turns other people on is a mystery to me.

The Things I Learned In Boy Scouts

There she was
Standing in the door way
Our scout meeting.
The bad girl,
The pregnant girl,
The girl who had
Done it!!!

In our over heated
Prepubescent fantasies
Do it again!!!

There she was
Flushed cheeks,
Full pouting lips,
Tumescent breasts
Resting gently on
A swelling belly.

We looked and looked
Until an older brother came out
And took her away.

The troop leader,
A kid a few years
Older than we were
Took offense
At our gawking.

We spent the rest
Of the meeting holding
Our scout manuals
Shoulder high
At arms length.

It was not the last time
I would be punished
Simply for wanting,
Wanting something
I could never

Poetry by Budart
Read 275 times
Written on 2011-09-27 at 00:57

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