Stayed across the road from this station and the guys are called out constantly. This was one night they were quiet. I'd been to a wedding.

LA Nights. Fire Station 41.

Matthew shoots and Michael dances.
Teenage drivers take their chances in the night.
The boys all joke, the limo rocks,
and brides now strip down to their socks with a sigh.

Three in the morning, the hallway floor
Michael's home from Sunset.
He's got a play, he's got a plan.
But he danced in Howard's arms so its fine.
And the boys over at 41 are quiet....

Landlords do a late night round
in pools of yellow light with no sound, , the night.
And one small road in this beehive
is warm enough to keep alive, ......and its fine.

Ten in the morning, the hallway floor.
Jamie's home from Hollywood.
The girls got a plan, and they wait for the play.
Rehearsing love and pain so many times.
And the boys over at 41 are quiet........
quiet tonight

We all like to get away
and leave the hive queen for the day.
But to love this Sunset and Hollywood,
why would you go when life is so good....

And the boys over at 41 are quiet...
quiet..... tonight.

Poetry by nice curtains
Read 263 times
Written on 2012-01-15 at 10:46

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