My Retirement

I will sit against a wall
In a quiet sunny corner
With nothing to do
And no where to go
To dream and doze
To think and remember
All the women
Who have been kind to me.

Stoic Ann,
Crazy Deborah,
lusty Anna,
Angry Claire,
And Rosalba in the back seat,
And Susan in the daises
And Jackie beneath
The blazing night sky.
And jealous Kathleen
Threatening to leave me
Then taking me home
To fuck all night.
And Miss Vicky,
The professor
In the arts of love,
And Miss Sharon,
My personnel
And all the rest.
As the afternoon
Passes away to evening.

A womanís voice will call me,
Call me back from the far land,
Call me back to the here and now,
Call me to dinner.
It will smell like chicken.

Poetry by Budart
Read 301 times
Written on 2011-11-28 at 06:12

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