Been a while since published here,
been busy w/my son( 9mths old)
My EMO friends thinks I write 2 dark LOL

Chase Of Your Soul[Song]

Creeping thoughts of murder seep,
through dreams of suicide; Infants weep,
Power SO hungry; feast on fear tonight,
alive in Death, Killer; like a lover, hold me tight.

Away! Let's fly on the Devil's back,
tired of your mess; and picking up your slack,
Sweet words; arrow barbed, your poison attack,
gotta fly away; the Devil's back!

Must carefully plot - and scheme - and plan,
until ruler AM I; of EVERYBODY'S land,
Slyly shall be acquired; through peace - or war,
shan't quit; til ruler am I over ALL.

Think you are fast? Then RUN.....
.....The chase of your soul shall be FUN!
Looking over your shoulder; is MY shadow blocking the sun?
the games REALLY begin, once you're caught, Hun!



Poetry by liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2012-01-08 at 12:21

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Hans Bump
This poem is honest. There is no too dark or too light if it is honest. And I think art is meant to challenge us to explore honest aspects of ourselves and life

That being said there are qualities that make it more or less enjoyable to the reader. Liz' inventive use of spacing, formatting, and capitalization give the text a jerky rhythm that is unsettling therefore making it more effective.
Polishing a few word choices here and there might give it more bite ( no pun intended), but I really liked this poem

I like most of Liz work because it's brave, eclectic and not worried about pleasing everybody
I will bookmark this

Language: 3
Format: 4
Overall: 4
Mood: 4