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Our never ending poem



Our never ending poem begins today. It will be interconnected with the poetic form of the current writing challenge. Today and until the 13/02 the poetic form that can be used while contributing in our never ending poem is: Modern Pantoum

Each will get to write 2 lines(the one that is going to be repeated from the next person(poetbayer) and one unique one.

In more detail:

First Stanza:

The very first one: Line 1&2 (are yours)

One of us: Line 3(is yours)+ Line 4
(it will be nice(not obligatory) and melodic if it rhymes with line 2)

Second stanza:

One of us: Line 1 (repeat line 2 of the first stanza) + line (2 is yours)

One of us: Line 3 (repeat line 4 of the first stanza) and line 4 (is yours)

Third stanza(same as the first stanza) & fourth stanza (same as the second stanza)and so on = a logical continuation of stanza 1&2

Last Stanza & The very last one: Find a way to make the last line be like the very first one. When? Just before midnight of 13/02(in Sweden) Use this link to know when:

If you don’t have the time
to be on time(just before midnight of the 13/02) hence be the very last one. Send as a pm, your wish (that you want to be the very last one) to the editorial team and we will then post a list(if you are more than one) *here* and we(poetbayers) will vote – decide who will be the very last one!

If you feel that the never ending poem is becoming tedious feel free to mention that it is time to start anew - before the next writing challenge = next poetic form) and we(poetbayers) can together decide if that will be a good idea.

If the majority of the poetbayers feel the same we will then switch the writing form(only for the never ending poem) to HAIKU and start mastering the Art of writing One line that stands for itself and then "step back" and see what happens to the never ending poem and how it inspires the next person.

A clarification:In every writing challenge you will get the chance to write a poem(or more) of your own, co write with a poetbayer or the person of your choice & contribute to our never ending poem). Also, tomorrow I(nsw) will repost the never ending poem that will include comments – our contributions to our never ending poem.

Let’s begin:)!



~ ¤ ~

Who will be the very first one? Don't be shy:)
























Poetry by Editorial Team The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2012-01-30 at 09:20

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Ok, I see we have to have a sense of humor about this. My contribution isn't set in stone, believe me. Please edit! Change! Fix! Please do!

Quaint the loud woman's silent sobs,
Refreshing to see her quiet joy.
Oh my dear ones don't you know?
She descried the wooden duck decoy.

Refreshing to see her quiet joy.
Nearby, children gathered round the lake.
She descried the wooden duck decoy
By the water’s edge a solitary drake.

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Uh oh Liz:D but ok:

"Oh my dear ones don't you know?
She descried the wooden duck decoy"

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
YAY I'll start

"Quaint the loud woman's silent sobs,
Refreshing to see her quiet joy"