Trying to fling some light on women’s suffering and on the epidemic culture...

Set 'em Free

Patriotism has deep rooted in everyone's mind,


Giving birth to a girl is a curse,


God may find guilt & make them to pay fine,


It's their false belief but not espouse by force.


They will go to heaven by giving birth to a son,


Were building nothing new but mansion of glasses,


Oodles of union seen advocating for Gender discrimination,


Millions of dollars were poured in the name of victimized lasses.


Dreaming of making a colorful garden, watering the barren sand,


Women are their main enemy for making own life hell,


They are banned to raise their voices on this forbidden land,


Stop slaving women’s collar for hanging the bell.


Promotion of unauthorized publicity leads more misdemeanors,


Let them be free and feel the world outside their doors.

Sonnet by Zalan
Read 342 times
Written on 2012-02-06 at 05:05

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Blilith The PoetBay support member heart!
Dear Zalan

Without women, we would not be here
Respect to all, is my mainstay.
A great read read
good structure
and sentiments