words rarely come from anywhere else but a feeling...


sometimes it’s easy to listen to your voice
telling me of your trips into the night
your conquests
those you leave behind
crying and confused
after slipping out of their sheets
and into your guise once again

sometimes it’s easy
because as your friend
I know you need someone to tell
someone who will listen
to the part of you that is haunted
with all this hurting
you lay down

it’s easy when you come around here
and tell me,
when you know
that pain is something you cause
that love is something you ignore
that you’re just as messed as many
it’s easy when I remember you’re human

lately though…

it hurts when you come around here
thinking it will be easy for me
to listen
because all the buttons you push
those random lives you disrupt
are people I know
people that hurt like me, like you

when I hear you chirp about your conquests
it shouldn’t, but it does
remind me of how lonely I am
of how the only intimacy of that nature
I’ve felt in a long time
came from someone like you
who could have been with anyone

it hurts to be alone
and listen to you
brush your shallow ego
with stories of lust and false love
it hurts because I know
that if I could find that place which eludes me
I – like you – wouldn’t know what to do with it


Poetry by Eli
Read 480 times
Written on 2012-06-09 at 01:17

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This is one of your best, so expressive, raw and honest.

Language: 5
Format: 5
Overall: 5
Mood: 5

SecretWords The PoetBay support member heart!
Absolutely stunning.

Language: 4
Format: 5
Overall: 5
Mood: 5

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
It is so easy to play the hurting game - but sometimes you have to wake up and realise you all have baggage - excellent - made me feel very sad - and somethings look at life and where I do not want to be :-)

Elle x

EmelÚn The PoetBay support member heart!
Even icebergs wear down.
This poem speaks directly and undresses the core of the very human spot we often keep to ourself. It also leaves familiar images of familiar feelings, and you convey these complicated matters so beautifully simple. Its art.

Nils Teodor The PoetBay support member heart!
Your words touch my heart
Very well written
Thanks for sharing