The Egyptian Room

We meet in the Egyptian Room,
its pouring with rain outside,
my feet leave puddles
and when I swish
I spray artifacts with drops
collected on a coat
that didn't keep the damp out.

You look at a guide
that I was too mean to buy;
you see, I've been here before
but it didn't rain in Cairo
and this is Paris
and I hold a snow globe
that later will show as a bomb,
causing security guards to blanch,
should have put it in the hold luggage
but I didn't want it broken.

Of course, you've done
all the culture and the not so
and you wear sturdy boots,
flicking rimless glasses on and off,
hell, when you are that good looking
you need a drenched woman by your side.

The heating is on and I start to steam,
the way you do on walks with the dog,
or exertions up mountain tops
and down again, admitting defeat,
I have vertigo but great sea legs.

So we meet, then I go,
there is a maze to walk through
and I have a prior engagement;
its well worth the money
but I recommend that Cairo
has better weather
but Paris in the Egyptian Rooms
is certainly worth a visit.

Poetry by Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 223 times
Written on 2012-06-15 at 19:05

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Egytian art is one of the most fascinating, I think. There is something calming and serene about the faces of those pharoahs and queens. They look so alive, yet like abstractions too.


Stan Cooper
Hi Elle...enjoyed this very much...

I don't know why but I particularly enjoyed this line

"all the culture and the not so"

xxx Stan