There is a sense of synergy between yourself and me
You humbly built me up, made me whole
Spoke of wisdom & let me change your hardened mind
Curious you were, as to how my day had treated me, or beaten me down
You saw strength in the soul of me
Felt your time was best spent in my presence
You rescued me at day break, for no other reason than to see my face
Actions speak louder than words
When metal collapsed around me
You travel a distance for just a moment to see me alive
And you moved with a comfort
Slowly because you had no need to rush
Then your love grew, And you pulled me in
You kissed me so sweetly on my forehead
And I drew closer to your lips
You were mine, beneath the stars
Our souls tangled into one
And still they remain

Poetry by ashley honig
Read 394 times
Written on 2012-06-22 at 19:14

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Another great poem.