Love hurts

Who knows what the real pain in love is?


He has given all his passion,


Held her in the entire situation, with an ease.


 Has printed her name in every walls and street,


Has fought hard and stood against the world,


In the end what he deserves is nothing except shit,


His dreams totally screwed & scrolled.


He doesn’t promise to bring down the moon & stars,


He was real and was faithful in all the stairs.


Love, one word but has diverse significance & sense,


With this she was blessed and he was cursed,


He cried bloody tears with immense torch,


She earned pleasurable life but he, brushed & bruised.


In the end he died full of pain,


As she realize, it was already late


She wept and shed,


But everything just went in vain.

Poetry by Zalan
Read 410 times
Written on 2012-10-01 at 15:50

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Blilith The PoetBay support member heart!
Love is like barb wire, walk into it and you will hurt.
I know the pain.
You write from the soul all good poets do.