For Slim


As she danced to
Sultans of Swing
Thirty years later,
She realised
Her breasts
Were two inches
Maybe even

That had made me
That had taken me
That had given me
My name.

Asked by Tony Blackburn
At Olympia in '67,
To whom
To give his autograph,
I volunteered 'Brez'
And Brez it was.
Mary Quant
Had a five-petalled flower
As her logo,
Mine had four.

My bra,
A 36B,
Greatly treasured
In 1966,
Was hoisted up
The camp flagpole,
Symbolically announcing
The rise of
Boob Power.

That had been
Fondled and admired
All my life.
Having the same shape
As Venus de Milo.
She, armless,
Me, legless.

Unfettered by bras,
Flipped everywhere
On UCL's fine
Joining the Godless
Of Gower Street.
As proud exponents
Of Women's Lib,
We never dreamt
Of bras,
And were treasured
For it.

Judy, sweet Judy,
And me,
The only two girls
In the "Chemists
Liberation Front".
A spoof.
A hasp.
A Monty Python
Motley crew
Of genius
Beer swillers.

And when I found
A lump (in my right
And was operated on,
They all rallied round,
Even my father
Forgave me my sins,
And visited me.

I awoke
To find,
I was lying
In a minefield
Of hate,
My boyfriend on one side,
My father on the other.
My two knights,
Pitted in anguished silence.
Both offering me
Perfect love .

My hand went to
The bandage,
Was Brez still there
Or was I Brezless?

Whose nipples
Were twisted
At eleven,
By a wicked cousin
Of thirty-two.
Marvelling at
"How I had Grown!"

Ancient warriors
In the wars of the sexes,
An hypnotic power,
Equal to any gun.

Poetry by Esti D-G The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 560 times
Written on 2012-10-02 at 19:42

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Wow Esti very well written and keep up the good work. Breast cancer is nothing to play around with and well being someone who has family members that battled with this, I sympathize with your poem.

Stan Cooper
Wow, Esti...this is one helluva poem...It leaves me Breast-less

xxx Stan

All I can say is excellent on what is almost a history lesson or maybe a journey in time of what most take for granted but your exploits certainly prove otherwise and for that I thank you for the enlightenment and may I add an enjoyable one~Graham.

Just brilliant, you have managed to pack so much in here, timely, I love Sultans of Swing, humour, "she armless, me legless." and the kicking in of real life in stanza 8. The whole epic rolls out splendidly.

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
wow, thank you for this Esti as someone who had breast cancer when I was 28, this was very powerful to me, thank you

Elle x