A felling star....

Lance Armstrong

There are so many ways to enhance
someones value to sponsors and fans.
The wrong way to go
would include EPO
as it did for the "wonderboy", Lance!

Poetry by Nordigarden
Read 390 times
Written on 2013-01-19 at 03:28

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Of course he won through doping
But, he was not a criminal at all
He won medals wrongly only
He deprived chance to another

A genuine athlete lost gold medal
Systematic testing was just absent
We must accuse only the system
Such a famous event had lapses

After taking pills to abort a child
If parents fail to achieve their wish
And if the child is born defective
God and parents are to blame

I am indeed very sad for this news
Please pardon him and pray for him
May be doping brought him cancer
And he won over it with will-power

His story is a lesson for cancer patients
He indeed is a great hero for this cure
He must be asked to give lecture often
To encourage cancer patients superbly

I beg authorities not to make a big issue
Even Jesus was cruelly crucified by men
Lance did not hurt anyone or any mind
Fame and name made him get shame

Please do not scold him as he is human
A doping song writer may win Oscar
Can we call it right or can we ban him?
Pardoning him is the best action now

I do not justify his act saying it as right
But, he must not be beaten by words
I only shed tears for that great soul
May God give him peace and solace.


Just "not the drugs we need to hide the scars..."
That was a tragic moment when he fessed up to his upward looking son.